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If you like books, you'd better be good at finding money!

This storytime is great if the PTA wants you to deliver a program, and you want them to deliver the green! Drop them this not-so-subtle storytime hint! Also, a money storytime is great during February, the month in which Lincoln and Washington's birthdays fall, stars of pennies and dollar bills! Or, have finance-related guest readers: bond traders, stock brokers, bank tellers, bank robbers, etc.

The Greatest Treasure by Demi
If You Made a Million by David Schwartz
A Penny a Look by Harve and Margot Zemach
Benny's Pennies by Pat Brisson
Bunny Money by Rosemary Wells
The Money Tree by Sarah Stewart

There are great money poems and activities in the teacher resource book, This Way to Books by Caroline Feller Bauer. At one of Dr. Bauer's seminars, she shared a great fund-raising idea originated by Barbara Camann at Shoemaker School in Lynn Massachusetts:

"Barbara Camann, the school librarian, encourages her students to begin saving pennies at the beginning of the school year. Periodic notices are sent home to the children during the year, sometimes these include math problems, i.e. if you save ten pennies every day from Halloween to Thanksgiving, how many pennies will you have?
"The culminating activity takes place during National Library Week in April. Students bring their penny collection to the school gymnasium. Each child is given a large piece of oaktage. They lay the paper on the floor and create a design with their pennies. Parents are invited and the event becomes a giant block party. Refreshments are simply popcorn, pretzels, coffee and punch.
"The penny art remains on the gym floor the follwoing day to be admired by the school community. The pennies are then collected and brought to a collection agency for counting. They magically become dollars to purchase print materials for the library. Additional activities: estimating the number of pennies donated, math problems, brainstorming ideas for collecting and transporting pennies, examining dates on a selection of pennies and graphing the years.
"The school has a student body of 400 in an inner city location. Earned: $600 and a worthwhile experience."

Thanks, Dr. Bauer and Barbara Camann!

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